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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Who's going to feed the cat?

We spent the morning at our first antenatal class today which means I'm now having to reluctantly enter the world of realisation. I was quite enjoying my stay in ignorance too. The brochures are true, it is bliss.

I'm sure you're actually meant to come away from these things feeling much better and at ease with the whole process of childbirth but I actually came out more anxious than I was to start off with (that would probably be down to my stay in ignoranceville).

I'd originally just been focusing on the pain and how I'd cope with that, but I'm starting to think that I should actually be focusing on staying calm and at ease and that in turn, that will help me deal with the pain.

So now I'm considering a home birth! Purely for the potential calming benefits.

I'd never even contemplated this for a second before, and I might even change my mind again by the morning, but right now it's a whole new perspective.

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