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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Laura Baxter jewellery

Laura Baxter: Oxidized Sephora Necklace
I came across this gorgeous necklace a while ago on Twig. It's not just the leaf form that appeals but also the oxidized shade and use of a coloured necklace (i love reds & oranges).
I loved it enough to go on a search of this Laura Baxter person to find out more and came across her website which was a bit of a disappointment, so having gone back recently I'm excited to see there's a new one on it's way.

If I remember correctly from the original site (which is now down) Laura Baxter is a UK based jewellery designer. I've also read that she makes wall panels and decorative items using these same botanical themes so I'm even more excited to see what this new site is going to offer. I just love these leaf forms and looking at the holding page that's there at the minute it looks like there's going to be more of that to oggle at.
yum yum yum

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