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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Street scene art

My last post has reminded my of how I seem to not only have a penchant for street scene art but also of a specific style.
As bizarre as it sounds, I think it might stem from watching the Inspector Clouseau cartoons on The Pink Panther show as a child. I just love the background illustrations of France in that cartoon. Kinda loose, line drawings with a slight naivety to them and their use of colour. (If you know where I could get an original animation cell depicting one of these scenes let me know.)

These are some of the street scene pictures I've bookmarked. My favourite is matteart's and I keep promising myself I will buy something of his (perhaps this one) before I go on maternity leave and loose my pocket money.

Clockwise from top left:
"Large NYC print" by matteart (on Etsy)
"Luxury Apartments" by Julia Rothman
"April showers - London" by askey (on Etsy)
"A bit of Paris" by artquirk (on Etsy)


Jaimee said...

So funny, I have the same infatuation with these illustrations and didn't make any connection until you brought up watching the Pink Panther cartoons...which a did A LOT of with my Grandfather - he loved them too.

As a kid, I was also drawn to any child's book that had a cross section of the interior of houses, buildings, critters' homes living in logs...I suppose that's why I love Interior Design and am constantly changing my decor.

Thanks for sharing these Illustrators' works. They're fantastic!

Jane Gallagher / Hostler said...

Hi! That's funny, i used to love cross sections too - I had a great drawing book as a child that had line drawn cross section scenarios that you had to complete. Hours of fun!

Thanks for commenting