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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Let the gardening season commence

This week is the RHS Chelsea Flower Show which, having watched the opening day's TV coverage, has made me not only think that I'd like to visit one year (and one year I'll get to Wimbledon too) but it's also made me feel bad about my own garden.

I'm generally a fairly lazy gardener in that I only go out there in the Spring and Summer when it's nice weather and the rest of the year it tends to get ignored, but I do appreciate a nice garden to hang out in.
I know I have a good excuse this year in that I'm unable to reach the floor without looking like a ninety year old with arthritis so I'm not feeling too bad about it. And I have re-potted a few things (it might actually be fairer to say Ben did it) and planted some others.

We have strawberrys in our hanging basket which I'm particularly excited by - I'm hoping we get more of a crop from them than we did the 'tumbling toms' last year. We only really got one at a time which I wouldn't really class as a 'crop'.

And we also have some mystery seedlings growing! I harvested some seeds from the mini peppers we grew last year and they haven't grown at all, but I also harvested some seeds from something I can't remember and some of them are growing! Alas I have no idea in to what, but they are growing.

All I can think is that they're from either a Poppy, Allium or Aquilegia. Beyond that I have no clue - lets hope they survive 'cus I really want to know now.

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