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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Little girls clothes - Etsy shops

Ben has always complained about how much choice woman have compared to men when it comes to shopping for clothes, and since I've been keeping an eye on all the children's clothes on Etsy I would have to agree.

Look at all these gorgeous dresses...

Clockwise from top left:

'Reversible Joon Toons Flower Dress' by Joon Toons
'Follow your heart - linen dress' by syko
'tulip' by mette
'Linen Pinafore' by PAMELATANG
'Rainbow Windowpanes Infant Dress' by April Scott
'baby smock' by belkemp

Friday, 29 August 2008

Jewellery stands

I always have my eye out for decent jewellery stands so here are a few that shine out...

Jewellery stands
Clockwise from top left:

"Japanese Cherry Tree" by TimothyAdamDesigns (on Etsy)
"Boudoir jewellery stands" on plumo
"Vintage jewellery display" on plumo
"Silver Jewellery Tree" by Menu (on
"Red Dragon Earring Shrine" by psoriginal (on Etsy)

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Funny story

An excerpt taken from the BBC News site >
A man who chose "Lloyds is pants" as his telephone banking password said he found it had been changed by a member of staff to "no it's not".

Steve Jetley, from Shrewsbury, said he chose the password after falling out with Lloyds TSB over insurance that came free with an account.

He said he was then banned from changing it back or to another password of "Barclays is better".

The bank apologised and said the staff member no longer worked there.

Mr Jetley said he first realised his security password had been changed when a call centre staff member told him his code word did not match with the one on the computer.

"I thought it was actually quite a funny response," he said.

I tried 'Barclays is better' and that didn't go down too well either
Steve Jetley

"But what really incensed me was when I was told I could not change it back to 'Lloyds is pants' because they said it was not appropriate.

"I asked if it was 'pants' they didn't like, and would 'Lloyds is rubbish' do? But they didn't think so.

"So I tried 'Barclays is better' and that didn't go down too well either.

"The rules seemed to change, and they told me it had to be one word, so I tried 'censorship', but they didn't like that..."
Read the full story >

4 generations

Four generations of my family: me, my nan, my mom and my son.

We went back home for a friends wedding this bank holiday weekend (congratulations Maria & Alan!) where Oli met the most amount of people yet in his short 6 weeks, including some of my oldest and best friends.

It ended up being a bit of a full-on weekend for our first time away with Oli but he was so well behaved and met lots of important people in our lives, one of which was my 95 year old nan.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Pistachio Press - Etsy shop

I just received my latest Etsy purchase which is another set of gorgeous blank cards from Pistachio Press on Etsy.

Pistachio Press: Beautiful blue pattern
I had bought this set in my initial buying up of cards but soon ran out. I think I should be buying in bigger batches to be honest - I'm getting through them pretty fast.

Pistachio Press: Eyelet laceThey all so lovely I don't really like giving them away!

Visit the Pistachio Press Etsy shop >

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Those mystery seeds

Remember when I wrote about those mystery seeds?

Well, they did grow, only they were still a complete mystery to me.
I was sure I'd harvested them from either a Poppy, Allium or Aquilegia but it soon became apparent to be none of these. In fact, it looked like i'd actually just grown some weeds.

Chenopodium album
And it would turn out that's exactly what I'd done!
Well, it's apparently "commonly regarded as a weed" and is called Chenopodium album.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Lucie Sheridan

A few posts ago I mentioned a local illustrator here in Bristol called Lucie Sheridan who's work I really love.

She's done some great illustrations of local landmarks such as...

Park Street

Lucie Sheridan: Park Street
Bath Crescent

Lucie Sheridan: Bath Crescent
Three Lamp Junction

Lucie Sheridan: Three Lamp JunctionThis is my favourite, not just because the Three Lamps Junction is local to my neighbourhood but as with all the images in this series, I love the colours she uses.

Something about this one also reminds me of one of my other favourite artists Matte Stephens.

She also does lovely images such as these...

Growing Love

Lucie Sheridan: Growing Love
Peacock Dress

Lucie Sheridan: Peacock Dress
Check Lucie's site out here >

Monday, 18 August 2008

1 banana 2 banana 3 banana 4

The Banana SplitsAccording to the BBC site The Banana Splits are making a TV comeback!
I don't really remember the shows but I used to love the theme tune...
"One banana two banana three banana four, all joined up for the second world war". I think we may have made up our own words though

OH and after watching a great clip on YouTube of Feist on Seseme Street the other week we've discovered to our dissapointment that Seseme Street isn't even available in the UK anymore! What's that about?!

Friday, 15 August 2008

Style for Oli's walls

I love the fact that we've been able to put some great pictures up on Oli's walls. Illustrations by Camilla Engman that I've admired for ages as well as designs by Pushmepullyou.

Camilla Engman
And we were given this little gem as a wedding gift 4 years ago by friends. It's a doodle by an illustrator friend of theirs called Jonny Voss.

Jonny Voss
I've also got my eye on some others such as these Etsy sellers:

ABC animal set by JennSki

JennSki: ABC animal set
Animal Alphabet Silkscreen Poster by petitcollage

petitcollage: Animal Alphabet Silkscreen Poster
The Sensible Owl by John W. Golden

John W. Golden: The Sensible Owl
X is for X-ray by strawberryluna

strawberryluna: X is for X-ray

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Handcrafted goodness for Oli

This cool blanket was knitted by my mom. I chose the colours and created the basic stripe pattern for her to follow but it was all my mom's time and love that went it to it. Not sure it was actually to her taste but I love it!

This gorgeous quilt was made for Oli by two of Ben's talented band mates from The Cedar.

And here's a selection of knitted goods from my talented aunt and family friends!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

I'm still alive!

Well hellooooo.
I know it's been a while since I last visited blog land but there's obviously been a lot going on around here!
Hopefully I'll be back to fill you in fully very soon. The headlines are that I actually ended up getting preeclampsia which made the birth a bit more medicalised and panicked than expected and I've had a run of bad health ever since but HEY! my boy is gorgeous and he's thankfully been feeding and growing VERY well so i'm more than happy.
I always said Ben would give me big boy babies and I wasn't wrong.
Best go - baby calls.
Back asap.