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Friday, 30 May 2008

6 weeks to get everything done

Well, our due date is now only 6 weeks away - Friday 11th July.
I'm actually quite calm about the whole birth thing now. Well, calmer. I'm not stupid, I still know it's gonna hurt I'm just OK about it now.

In fact I'm now able to look beyond the birth and take in information like this from Maggie Mason at Mighty Girl (she writes Mighty Goods).
"Well ladies, this is how long it took me to take off all the baby weight. Sixteen months."
It's something to look forward to!

me at 32 weeks
Anyway, we have LOTS to do to get the house finished before the baby's allowed to arrive and it all stems from getting the dining room done. We basically can't get the babies room finished until that's done as we need to store everything in there. The babies room is actually my jewellery workshop at the moment too and I can't move that out to it's new home in the dining room until you know, the dining room is done! There's nothing like a deadline to get things moving.

We've actually owned this house for about 4.5 years now and the dining room is the final job so it'll be amazing and unbelievable to actually have it finished and have a whole functioning house! It just means Ben has some hideous time stripping woodchip wallpaper ahead of him. (Being pregnant has gotten me out of it this time mmwahahaha!) Hmm there's an interesting question. Given the choice, which would you rather do, strip woodchip or give birth...

I'm going to have a lot of before & after pictures I'm looking forward to sharing at some point. Such as items of furniture that Ben's been restoring, the new fireplace in the sitting room not to mention the dining room finally being done! Did I mention that?


Gallery Juana said...

Good luck with finishing the house and congrats on your pregnancy (a late congratulations). Beautiful pic of you.

Jaimee said...

Best wishes for a speedy, painless labor - I'm pretty sure I was "lucky" but mine was a breeze...I slept through the labor, woke up and in 12 minutes had a bouncing baby boy. SOOOO, it CAN happen that way :)

Congrats and I wouldn't worry about losing any baby-weight, you look fantastic!

Jane Gallagher / Hostler said...

NOO, is that true?!
I might just tell people that anyway, it's an impressive story :)