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Thursday, 10 July 2008

My first commercial outlet

I'm so excited!
I've just been for a chat with a great local shop here in Bristol called Fig. 1 that I actually included in the Bristol city guide I did for Design*Sponge back in March.

They sell 'ethical and design led gifts and homewares' from around the world as well as selling local artists work (such as one of my favourites Lucie Sheridan but I'll write about her another time).
It's a really beautiful little shop with character and great taste so I'm thrilled to be part of it.

Fig.1 shop interior
So I've literally just walked away having left some of my pieces in a gorgeous refurbished French glass cabinet on their counter!

They only starting selling jewellery this week and don't know how it will take off so they've taken a couple of different designs of differing price ranges and we're going to see how they do.

It does means that I've had to take half of my stock down from Etsy including the most popular turquoise resin pieces but hey, Etsy shoppers had their chance now lets give the lovely people of Bristol theirs!

It's such crazy timing with the little one due tomorrow an' all. I just want to order a whole pile of silver and start making a whole load more stuff to put back up on Etsy and have as back up stock for the shop.

I think I probably should at least have the materials in just incase., you have to be at least a week late please!


Jaimee said...

How exciting!
I'm sure your pieces will do well - they're all so beautiful. I find a first-hand view of the actual art bodes well in comparison to selling "virtually" on Etsy.

BODIE and FOU said...

Hi Jane

Congratulations on your first commercial outlet :-) and well done on your city guide which I saw on design sponge...It was very good although I just added our two fabulous online shops and which are also based at Paintworks.

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