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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Lucie Sheridan

A few posts ago I mentioned a local illustrator here in Bristol called Lucie Sheridan who's work I really love.

She's done some great illustrations of local landmarks such as...

Park Street

Lucie Sheridan: Park Street
Bath Crescent

Lucie Sheridan: Bath Crescent
Three Lamp Junction

Lucie Sheridan: Three Lamp JunctionThis is my favourite, not just because the Three Lamps Junction is local to my neighbourhood but as with all the images in this series, I love the colours she uses.

Something about this one also reminds me of one of my other favourite artists Matte Stephens.

She also does lovely images such as these...

Growing Love

Lucie Sheridan: Growing Love
Peacock Dress

Lucie Sheridan: Peacock Dress
Check Lucie's site out here >

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