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Friday, 15 August 2008

Style for Oli's walls

I love the fact that we've been able to put some great pictures up on Oli's walls. Illustrations by Camilla Engman that I've admired for ages as well as designs by Pushmepullyou.

Camilla Engman
And we were given this little gem as a wedding gift 4 years ago by friends. It's a doodle by an illustrator friend of theirs called Jonny Voss.

Jonny Voss
I've also got my eye on some others such as these Etsy sellers:

ABC animal set by JennSki

JennSki: ABC animal set
Animal Alphabet Silkscreen Poster by petitcollage

petitcollage: Animal Alphabet Silkscreen Poster
The Sensible Owl by John W. Golden

John W. Golden: The Sensible Owl
X is for X-ray by strawberryluna

strawberryluna: X is for X-ray

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