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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Funny story

An excerpt taken from the BBC News site >
A man who chose "Lloyds is pants" as his telephone banking password said he found it had been changed by a member of staff to "no it's not".

Steve Jetley, from Shrewsbury, said he chose the password after falling out with Lloyds TSB over insurance that came free with an account.

He said he was then banned from changing it back or to another password of "Barclays is better".

The bank apologised and said the staff member no longer worked there.

Mr Jetley said he first realised his security password had been changed when a call centre staff member told him his code word did not match with the one on the computer.

"I thought it was actually quite a funny response," he said.

I tried 'Barclays is better' and that didn't go down too well either
Steve Jetley

"But what really incensed me was when I was told I could not change it back to 'Lloyds is pants' because they said it was not appropriate.

"I asked if it was 'pants' they didn't like, and would 'Lloyds is rubbish' do? But they didn't think so.

"So I tried 'Barclays is better' and that didn't go down too well either.

"The rules seemed to change, and they told me it had to be one word, so I tried 'censorship', but they didn't like that..."
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Jaimee said...

Okay, I think I need some British wit for this one or at least some assistance with British slang...I'm sure it's a good laugh if you're not American. :)

Jane Gallagher / Hostler said...

lol. 'Pants' is slang for rubbish or bad if that helps!