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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

My latest work

I've just finished my biggest commission to date!
An extremely generous husband asked me to make three of my resin window bangles for his lucky wife for her birthday.

It was a very tight deadline of only 2 weeks (don't forget I have a day job) and it wasn't the easiest of journeys as I'm suffering from pregnancy related numbness and pins and needles in half of my left hand at the moment but I did it and am really pleased with the results.
I even managed to come up with a new working technique too which is a double bonus!

Jane Gallagher: Resin window bangles
Jane Gallagher: Resin window banglesThis guy really was the best client I could have asked for and his feedback is still leaving me with a grin...
"I thought I should say that the photos don't really do your work justice! Really beautiful and much admired last night."
I made sure I packaged them up extra specially too, with tissue paper and ribbon and everything! I think I might make that my new standard packaging actually.

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Jaimee said...

What a great compliment!
Your pieces are beautiful.