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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Annual Gallagher gathering 08

My dad's side of the family is MASSIVE. And then some.
He's the youngest of 7 children who each have loads of children themselves. In fact there are 33 of us, of which myself and my brothers are the youngest. So I have 30 cousins on my dads side alone.
Because of the age differences between us all we even stretch across different generations, which means some my cousins children are now having children themselves so there are now 4 generation of us - all stemming from my Grandma and Grampy. Pretty crazy huh?

Gallagher gathering: newspaper cutting
As you can imagine, there aren't many occasions where that many people actually get to meet up apart from weddings and funerals, so last year was the first annual Gallagher gathering cricket match.
I bet there aren't that many families that contain enough people to create two cricket teams and still have people left over to watch.
I didn't make it to last years gathering but I did make it to this years which was held at the weekend. It really is cool being part of such a massive family, even if you don't know everyone's name or even recognise some of them! I'm definitely up for next year's match and I might even play this time :)

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