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Monday, 23 June 2008

Before & After #2

Here's the second edition of Before & After.
This crib has served as first bed to both Ben's dad, as well as himself and his brother and is now going to be used for a third generation of Hostler.

Crib: Before & After
Ben is actually a bit of a hobbyist carpenter. He's done a furniture making course and made the coffee table in our sitting room and has made LOTS of boxes (he seems to have a thing for them) so it was no suprise that he was able to pull this one off. He's very clever. It took him an awful lot of time and patience though, stripping off the old paint and mending a few rotten bits but it's finished, looks great and is ready to go!


Jaimee said...

How beautiful AND resourceful!
Wish we were neighbors :)

OnAMoonbeam said...

way too cool!