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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Last day at work

Today is my last here at work with tomorrow marking only 2 weeks left until our official due day.

I'm sure in a few weeks time I won't even be thinking of this place and will be so in love with our brand new first born that I'll wonder what I was thinking of, but I do love to work and to create and would like to think that I'll be back (mentally as well as physically) in the creative working world - as well as back to making my jewellery of course!

I said a lot in this previous post so I just wanted to show some of the work I've done in the last year that I'm most proud of, starting off with some internal work.

These characters are part of a family used to illustrate our off-the-shelf 360 degree appraisal software called Carbon360.

I designed all of the branding related to this product including the logo, software interface, website, flash animations, brochures, all related printed items, exhibition panels - everything basically! The concept of these little guys started from someone else who worked here before me, but since then I've had to re-create them as well create this entire new team...

Carbon360 characters
We also thought it would be cool to have some personal ones that we could use on our business cards and office mugs (can you tell which one is me?).

Carbon360 / Element78 team

This is the new design concept I've done for our own internal site (you'll notice we've gone all web 2.0) which is unfortunately only finally going to get built during my absence so I won't be here to keep a tight grip on it!

New internal website concept
And here are some other design concepts that I did for a few pitches over the year...

Design concept
Design concept
Design concept

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