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Sunday, 27 April 2008

Wedding ring commissions

I've had a few people on Etsy enquire about custom orders of my 'resin window rings' for their weddings rings. I've been flattered and honored to make several weddings rings for friends over the years and thought I'd list some of them here.

'WITH'. Braille design in white gold. 2002
I was asked by a work colleague to come up with a design for his wedding ring. I had already been sketching and playing with the idea of incorporating Braille messages in jewellery and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use it. Luckily he liked the idea!

'WITH' Braille ring. 2002

'US'. Braille design in white gold. 2003

'US' Braille rings. 2003

White gold bands with inlaid yellow gold stripes. 2004
These are actually Ben and my wedding rings! The two inlaid stripes represent the pair of us.

Yellow gold stripe inlaid rings. 2004
I also made these silver pendants with gold inlay stripes as gifts for my four bridesmaids. The four stripes represent each of them.

Yellow gold stripe inlaid pendants
White and yellow gold cast bands with hair detail. 2005
I was asked to design a set of wedding rings that somehow involved the couple's hair in the making process. After several trials involving a rolling mill, I discovered the best method was actually to sculpt the rings from casting wax and work the hair pattern on to the surface of the wax. This was tricky (<-- that is an understatement) and involved rolling the wax rings over a slightly heated metal surface which the hair lay upon. I then accentuated the imprint which was left, by hand in order to make them deeper and more cast friendly. They were then sent away to be cast.

Cast rings with hair imprint. 2005

White gold bands with inlaid yellow gold dots. 2005
I'm not actually sure if this is technically 'inlaid' as the dots go right the way through the bands.

Yellow gold dot inlaid rings. 2005

Wood and white gold band. 2007
A tree surgeon friend of ours makes beautiful wooden rings from a variety of different species of trees and asked if I come up with a design that incorporated one that he would make specially.
After several design iterations I created a trial in silver before making the final piece in white gold with the Walnut band that he supplied me with.

Wood & white gold band


Jaime said...

wow - these are so beautiful! It makes me want to get new wedding bands (do people ever do that?)

Jane Gallagher / Hostler said...

My mom actually has a 'new' wedding ring. Her old wedding ring was quite old and worn so she had a new one made up incorporating the old band. It's a whole lot fancier now than just a plain gold band!