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Monday, 21 April 2008

Want (or just admire?)

Breil Snake necklaceYou know how there are some things in life that you admire and love and WANT? Well this Breil Snake necklace/bracelet is one of those things in my life.

I've been eyeing this up in a shop window here in Bristol for a fair few years now. Every time I've walked past the shop I've stopped specially just to look at it. I've even been in to the shop to enquire why it was missing on one occassion!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have trouble spending money (I get guilt issues) so I tried hinting at my other half which didn't seem to work. I then moved on to more blatant requests but they haven't worked either.

Anyway, I noticed that this shop was CLOSING and as I'd already done a search online and discovered this one was the only stockist near me I popped in to see if they still had it - you know, just one last look! But. it. was. already. gone. And to make matters worse (I'm going to say this really quick to lessen the pain) it had been in the sale.

I'd kinda already resigned myself to the fact that this is just one of those things in life that I happen to think is cool but that I don't really need to own. But having just looked at the Breil website I've found it's no longer listed there and on other sites it's sold out and listed 'to clear' or discontinued, so now I really am asking myself the question. Do I REALLY need to own it? 'Cus now would be the time.

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