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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Latest web project

You know what its like, you're so busy doing the work, you never take care of the housing keeping! Builders' homes are always in a state of remodelling, and web folk are always working on the next company site. Well, we've been working on our new corporate site here at element78 for, pretty much years. I even mentioned it in a post here before I left on my maternity leave two years ago! Which I guess makes us very busy folk.
Well, since coming back from maternity leave a year ago, I've been working on an all new concept which looks very much like it will actually launch at the end of the month.

Jane Hostler: New element78 website concept
I'm also hoping to find the time to revisit my own site ( which has been sat stagnent for a few years now.
I'm thinking Wordpress.

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