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Sunday, 7 June 2009


Oliver was born with blocked tear ducts, which he will be having a small operation to fix a week after his first birthday in July. Because his eyes are unable to clear themselves of tears and dirt, it means they weep and tend to get gooped up and make him look like he has conjunctivitis.
To stop his eyes from getting sore (and looking bad) it means I'm constantly wiping away any fluid, and as a matter of course, have to clean them thoroughly twice a day (sometimes more if it's particulary bad) with cooled boiled water.
It means that even though he's now ten and a half months old, I'm still carrying around muslin everywhere I go so I have something on hand to use. And because they've constantly been around him, Oli is now using them as a comforter.

Because I think of muslin tending to be a younger baby accessory, and because it's acting a lot like a blanket aswell, I thought it would be nice to get a more attractive blue striped piece of muslin and make it look a bit more grown up.
I spent ages on the internet and at first thought it was an impossibe task, but once I included the magic word 'BABY' in my search terms I actually came across a few nice ones including these particularly stylish designer muslins.
They're Swaddling Blanket /Muslin Squares from a company called Aden & Anais - buy them in the UK from here.

Camo Muslin Wraps: Aden & AnaisIf only I'd known about these sooner!
To be honest, they are actually hideously expesive so I don't think I will be purchasing any, plus the only nice striped one comes in a pack and I don't like the other ones in the pack. But these camo ones are pretty cool though.

When I was pregnant I found a multi pack of plain white muslins that I bought from The Nappy Lady as a very sensible, and very cheap option considering it was a pack of 10 - £11.99! They were also huge and have been extremely useful. I've since cut one of them up into four smaller ones and hand sewn some coloured stiching around the edges to stop them fraying.

I can't believe I never came across anything other than plain white ones before.
These are lovely too, and a lot more affordable. I might have to make a trip to Ikea tomorrow.

Ikea: BARNSLIG Muslin squares


Jaimee said...

Good ol' IKEA!

I just found a "curbside special" as my Dad calls them...and scored an IKEA SKVERSTA chair. Like new! Now I have to redecorate my studio to go with the upholstry.

Jane Gallagher / Hostler said...

wow, what a great find!
I need to start keeping an eye out for this curbside specials, I know a few people that have picked up some treats recently