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Monday, 29 June 2009

Mobile boutiques

I came across this article on the Wiley Valentine blog. They have a self confessed obsession with the concept of adorable mobile shops, which is quite understable.

Forget your average dirty burger van, or those dodgy white vans that turn up at your office, open up the boot and present you with a selection of their finest soggy limp offerings. How about a NICE bit of food from a NICE van?
There is bacon sandwich van in Bristol that is on it's way to being something special - the side opens up to reveal a more shop-esque display of goods aswell as a hot plate to cook you fresh bacon - but it's just not quite all it could be.

These on the other hand are going a step beyond the office lunch van.
Read the article on the Wiley Valentine blog >

1 comment:

Jaimee said...

We have a similar mobile goodie van...although it's not quite as posh...