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Thursday, 26 March 2009

World's Smallest Postal Service

Is this not the cutest way to send a message?
It's the World's Smallest Postal Service and it appeals to so much of the childhood excitment I had in toys. A perfectly practicle, useful and funcional idea but executed in a totally cute and more interesting way. I did actually own a teeny tiny (think it was Hello Kitty) letter writing kit with tiny stick-on stamps. Check out their site for pictures of the amazing tiny postal desk too.

World's Smallest Postal Service
I know the perfect person to receive one of these letters too. The same person who gave me a message in another gorgeous fashion several years ago. A tiny carved carrier pigeon carrying a birthday wish for me. When I was doing my silversmithing course I did a lost wax casting of it...

Jane Gallagher: Lost wax cast

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