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Monday, 2 March 2009

7 random things about me

I've been tagged by the lovely Jaimee of Modern Classics so here are some random bit and bobs about me...

1. I bite my nails, but occasionally get it under control.
2. I'm organised and tidy (some close to me may say bordering on obsessive).
3. I loved school until it got serious at A-level time. Once I realised I wasn't an academic it got fun again.
4. Four is my lucky number.
5. I can play the piano and saxophone.
6. I love laughing.
7. I played a girl called Mandy in a TV programme for school kids when I was about 13.

1 comment:

Jaimee said...

Thanks for playing along.
Wow, the Saxaphone, eh?!?!
Impressive :)