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Sunday, 17 May 2009

The next phase

Life has now officially moved on to the next phase.
I started this blog a year ago knowing that the imminant arrival of our baby meant life as I knew it was coming to a close. I made the decision to make a real effort towards my silversmithing, knowing that if it was more established, I was more likely to pick it back up when I had the time in the future.
I created my Etsy shop, started this blog and emersed myself in the highly inspirational world of online designers, crafters & makers. I definately saw the benefits of the extra time I put in too and sold a number of items purely becuase of it. I even got some stock into a lovely shop which was something I'd been just talking about for years.

Once Oliver arrived the whirlwind hasn't stopped and I'm pretty sure that's just what life is going to be like now. The whirl wind has MOST DEFINATELY been turned down from the initial category 6 storm to a more moderate 1 (or 2 on occasions), but I guess that's just what life is going to be like with another person to think about and care for. Does your mind ever stop?

Consequently, I've found it hard to find even the thinking time for my silversmithing, let alone the practical side. In the last 10 months I think I've only made this one item for a friend.
I really really am hoping to have the head space again soon to be able to pick my tools back up and get creating.

In the mean time though, I'm enjoying watching my gorgeous boy grow and am enjoying being back at work 3 days a week.
I've tried to keep this from being a mommy blog so haven't really waxed lyrical about Oli too much, but here's just one picture of our amazing chap...



Jaimee said...

So glad to hear from you!
I check back periodically to see what's new at JaneGH & was wondering how you've been.

Some people seem to have no problem jumping back into the swing of things and it amazes me as to how they manage. Unfortunately, it took me quite a while. It was only when my son was about 4 that I was able to find some ME time again (& that was only when I wasn't exhausted or when he was off to Nursery School for a few hours a day/3 days a week). As much as I enjoy being creative again, I find myself longing for those baby years with my little guy. He's just grown up way too fast! (Guess that means we should think about bringing in a baby #2 soon)

Glad you're well!
Oli is a doll!!!

Jane Gallagher / Hostler said...

thanks for popping round, it's nice to hear from you too :)

yey to baby number 2!